If you’ve been following my blog, you know I use it to think out some book I’ll write. I’m back at it. This one will be rethinking organized religion. Now I know, most people think organized religion is irredeemable. I sure did, for a long time. But not anymore. That being said, I’m not unaware of how toxic organized religion — and especially American Christianity — has become.

So it’s no small task, rethinking organized religion. The last time we did it to this scale, we called it The Reformation. And yeah, that was a tough time. We got so worked up, we burned each other at the stake. But in the end, we hammered out a helpful way to develop our spiritual lives. It worked in that worldview. It made us better people. It awakened a deep part of our humanity.

But it’s been several generations  since religion has been helping us. Undertaking the work before us will be no easy thing.

I hope you’ll join in and think about it with me.

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