How do we even begin talking to our kids about sex?

Access the wisdom of religion … without the crazy.

Bring up sex education and folks cringe.
We want to give our kids something helpful, but aren’t sure what.

What we were taught doesn’t work. What we’re being taught now doesn’t work either. How do we even begin talking to our kids?

Given its reputation, religion seems an unlikely place to look for help. But beneath religion’s crazy, there’s a lot of ancient wisdom. Rethinking Sex Ed by Dr. Doug Hammack helps us access the wisdom, and point our young people toward healthy sexual lives.

Sex conversations were hard because I didn’t know what to say. I do now! Thank God for this book.


Mom of Three

It takes the shame out of sexuality, leaves the beauty in, and puts healthy boundaries around it.


Grandfather of Four Teenagers

Rethinking Sex Ed helped me think thoughts I hadn’t thought. Now, I feel confident talking to my son. Sex chats have become a normal part of our car rides together.


Middle School Dad

My husband and I have a pretty healthy sexual relationship. However, the path to get here was long and painful. I’m really grateful for Rethinking Sex Ed. It will help us save our kids a lot of pain.


Mom of Two Teens

About the Author

About the Author

Doug Hammack is an unconventional minister leading a non-traditional church. Disillusioned with American Christianity after years in a mega-church, he started North Raleigh Community Church to seek out a better way. He and the community have worked hard to rework Christian life and retell the Christian story. It’s been a wild ride, but today, years later, theirs is a vital, authentic, and “quantum” spiritual community. More →

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