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rethinking cover drop shadow 210A Fresh Perspective!
What a prize! Like so many others today, I have become disenchanted with traditional Christianity.
Here is a fresh perspective, seemingly “new”, but actually reaching back into the origins of our faith, to the ancient beliefs and practices.
…Doug Hammack’s approach to many of our most difficult questions in this quantum world of today is clear, incisive, unpretentious and imbued with such an obvious love of God and humanity that all those who seek meaning beyond their finite abilities to “know”, will find this book a “must-read.”

Amazon-Buy-Button“I’m thinking!
Something the modern church has [discouraged]. I am really enjoying this rediscovery and expansion…”
This book . . . reminds us to live in the “here and now” and experience the kingdom of God in our daily every day routines.

amazon reviews 1A must read!
Somehow I made it into my 40’s without questioning the parts of the Christian story that just don’t make sense…
[This] isn’t the traditional “liberal vs. conservative” debate. The author gives us reasons for why some things I’ve always had nagging doubts about might need more thought. He doesn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.
The book led me to a renewed love for God and restored my confidence in a continued path to spiritual growth through the ability to think about some things differently. And different meant better, more workable.

Find a better God within the old one.
This book is for anyone who has had a negative experience with typical, American religion. It is a great resource and a way to find a better version of God without losing the collective wisdom of the tradition.

It could restore your faith in Christianity
Ours is a society built on inquiry and innovation . . . [b]ut what happens when we apply our inquisitive nature to Christianity? Sadly, [this] has been difficult . . . within the constructs of modern-day Christianity.
If you are among those honestly and openly searching for a Christianity that satisfies your soul by bringing . . . controversy . . . into harmony, this book is required reading.  Hammack artfully uncovers ancient truths and practices within the Christian tradition that address many of the issues that are turning followers away from the Christian Church.

This book provides the language, metaphors and models for making sense of the Christian story with our post modern world view.
Dr. Hammack walks us through the changes necessary within the church that will allow it to continue to be meaningful, given our changing understanding of our universe.
[He reminds us of] our heritage of a rich and multifaceted way of interpreting the Bible and practicing our religion that have been lost in today’s church. . .

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