church_windowsThings are not going well for Christians these days.
– Many of us have lost our moral center.
– Many of us have debased our spirituality.
– Eight in ten young people find us irrelevant.
Our future looks grim
….…unless you have an eye to history.

Dark times like the one we’re in right now have happened before.
– They will happen again.
But a tradition only becomes a tradition, if . . .
….when it loses it’s way…
….it has a built-in mechanism . . .
….for finding it again.
Yes, it is our way . . . to lose our way.
But it is also our way . . . to find it again.
And when we do, ours is a tradition worth preserving!

mother-teresaWhen we find our way again…
we advocate for the poor,
and the defenseless,
and the hungry,
and the disenfranchised.
When we find our way again…
we bring peace to conflict,
we invite the outsider in,
we care deeply for the well-being of the earth.

If you look around, in the quiet corners of our faith there is a movement afoot. We Christians are finding our way again. Across the globe we are undergoing a quiet new Reformation. We are awakening from our long slumber and getting right what we got so wrong. We are finding our ancient truths again: love, kindness, goodness, service, wisdom, and tolerance.
Historical awakenings happen slowly, building one life, one event, one breakthrough upon another. I want to give my life in service to the awakening before us, restoring our tradition to health, well-being, and service to bettering the earth.  I hope you do too.
That’s what this blog is about.
That’s what the book is about.
Join in.

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