writing a bookSo, I wrote a book.
It evolved from a project we did at NRCC, precipitated by our recognition that the Christian Church has grown deeply ill. Our very instincts as Christians are betraying us.  We zig when the spiritual life calls for a zag.
So we did a year-long project, rethinking the Christian Story.  It is the Story we tell ourselves that makes our meaning, that informs our instincts.  If our Story gets toxic, we can’t help but have bad instincts.  
Each Wednesday evening for a year, I gave a 15 minute lecture on the elements of our Story (God, Jesus, human nature, etc.), and then led an often vigorous discussion. We’d post our thoughts during the week, argue, discuss, read outside voices, and so forth.  It was a great year. We learned a lot.
rethinking our storyThrough the year, we kept a blog, and at the end, I turned it into a book. It took me another year to write it and another to figure out how one gets a book published.
And now, I’ve found a publisher. I signed a contract in late July, and in 9-18 months, they say it’ll be a book!
But as soon as I signed it, bam!  A truckload of deadlines showed up on my doorstep. I’m nose-to-the-grindstone all month, getting a typeset-ready manuscript to give them by early September.  So I’m taking an August recess from the blog.
I’ll resume posting in mid-September!

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