If we stop thinking of God as a man in the sky, is there any reason to continue praying for somebody else? We’ve spent several posts talking about the fundamental connectedness of everything. We talked about the aspen vs. the oak; the oneness of light containing both particle and wave; and the oneness of matter and energy. Post after post, it becomes more reasonable to consider that connectedness is a better way of thinking about reality than separateness.
For centuries, people have clung to the impulse to pray for one another.
is prayer stupidMaterialists scoff at the idea, insisting that the impulse a mere holdover from primal times when we struggled to deal with powerful and incomprehensible forces of nature. That may be, but it seems a bit reductionist to think about Reality this way. We limit Reality to what can be contained in our minds or experienced through our five senses. We make a materialist faith statement, and then build a worldview on our premise; one element being that prayer for others is nothing more than wishing on a star.
And again, we have to be honest. Material reductionists might be right.
But if they aren’t, is there a way to imagine praying for others that would make sense?
prayer and telepathyI listened to a lecture some time ago (link below) in which Canadian professor, Michael Persinger de-voodoo-ized the idea of telepathic communication. His experiments suggest that by tweaking the magnetic field between us, humans can join salmon and other animals in the ability to communicate beyond sight and sound. If magnetic fields act as an imperfectly accessed medium for communication, it may help explain the frequent glimpses we get of telepathic experience. Weird! Dismissible!
Unless we don’t have the full picture of how the human brain works.
I don’t know if the capacity for telepathy is a viable idea; if the mechanics of our connectedness run that deep. However, I am pretty confident that it is arrogant to trust any worldview so deeply that we don’t even consider the possibility.
prayer and connectionI also don’t know if  praying for somebody is a viable idea. However, spiritual masters who have contributed so much of our understanding of our own spirituality have consistently intuited that there is something to the practice of praying for others.
If we can revisit the connectedness-idea of telepathy, it seems reasonable that we could do the same with prayer.
Sure, we could continue to dismiss our spiritual forebears. We could join the chorus of reductionist thought that insists that Reality is limited to what reason and our five senses tell us is there. We could do that… or we could consider the possibility that there is more to Reality than is commonly framed.
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