psalm139-7Regular readers will recall that we began this series of posts, looking at Psalm 139. It speaks of being unable to hide from God’s presence.
We saw that when we think of God as a Cosmic Big Brother, this can be a troubling concept. However, when we think of God as Soil, the question changes tone. “Where can I go from the soil of God’s Presence?” begins to mean something quite different.
Where can I hide from the soil in which I am rooted?
This makes no sense.

The "All-Seeing-Eye" on our dollar bill

The “All-Seeing-Eye

It is not Captain Omniscience from whom I cannot hide. No, it the Soil of Sustaining Presence from which I cannot be separated. Where can I go from the all-ness of my existence? The very question makes no sense.
I can try and hide. I can limit my thinking about God to an All-Seeing Eye and try to elude It. I can labor under the illusion that by going high, or low, or far away, or into the dark, I can live a disconnected life.
However, in this God-Soil metaphor, I cannot…

    • I am always in touch with something greater than me.
    • Always in touch with something lesser than me.
    • Always impacted by something deeper, greater, and more profound than me.
    • In turn, I impact that to which I am connected.

Rooted in God… along with all of God’s creation…
My sense that my life is a private, discreet, separate, affair, is an illusion.
muirSomething has claim upon me. Something pours vitality into me and something is always drawing vitality or lethargy from me. I am both being affected by something deeper than me, and affecting reality around me.
Psalm 139 is not a threat. It is a reality in which we live.
But it is also a description of Reality. My secrets, my privacy, my isolation are illusion. My most intimate motivations, sequestered in the most secreted depths of my soul, are not completely my own. They belong to the Divine Ecosystem in which I am planted. They affect my people and my earth. They touch my friends and family, and thus in a real way belong to them. The same is true of my city, my job, my planet, my human race.
Rooted in Divine Life, we are connected to all around us. When God is Dirt, we are part of an ecosystem outside of which we cannot step.
Where can I go from Your Spirit? Nowhere.
Nothing I do is independent. Nothing I say or think is is non-consequential. Nothing is private in the sense that it does not affect something else.
Everything is connected.
– To God…
– To everything else.
Where can I flee from your presence?
How can I unroot myself from the Ground of all Being?
How can I uncenter myself from my true center
Where can I go from your Spirit?
differentThe question doesn’t make sense.
A different God.
A different Psalm 137.
A different spiritual life.
A different spiritual community.

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