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This lecture is crazy!  This physicist says that as “stuff” passes through the event horizon of a black hole or an expanding universe… it is both disintegrated and radiated back and unaffected, intact, and whole.
How crazy is that!?
But that’s not the worst of it. He goes on to make the case that when information passes an event horizon, it never goes away…   and in some sense, the world we live in is a hologram of that information being projected back.


One of the roles religion plays is to help us tell a framing Story that helps us make meaning of our experience. That’s what this blog is about; rethinking the Christian Story to help us find deeper meaning in our lives.

When people like Susskind share ideas about how the universe works, they get into our heads and change us.  They changes our gut-instincts about the nature of God, the soul, the afterlife, and so forth. This, in turn, demands we revisit how we think about our religion.
So have a listen, let the craziness wash over and get inside you…
Consider it background information for the enormous task set before our generation; rethinking the Christian Story.


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