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If you’ve been a Christian for the last thirty years or so, you’ve heard the term “culture wars” a lot. It shows up a lot during elections, and when we clash over issues like the Ten Commandments at the courthouse, abortion, gay rights, school prayer, etc. When one of these issues comes up, everybody gets up in arms, the pundits rouse their political bases, the blogosphere lights up, and radio waves get overheated. A lot of noise, a lot of sound… but not much change.
That’s because for some years now, the culture wars have been over. The Christian-America worldview lost.
Our culture is no longer informed by the American Christian narrative. In recent posts, I’ve pointed to the startling statistics; even the Church isn’t following this narrative. Ours has become a different society, rooted in a different worldview, and we all (even good Christian people) are living a different Story.
The culture wars are over. The Christians lost!
It doesn’t matter that the faithful won’t admit it. A quick inventory of our social behavior confirms it. At one time, the American-Christian narrative did influence how we organized society. It did influence how we did politics, entertainment, economic policy, ethics, sexuality, marriage, and family. But no more. Now, we refer somewhere else to gain our bearings; make our decisions.
The relevant question for Christians now, is to ask ourselves: “what to do now?”  (in this series of posts, I’ll suggest in the strongest of terms, it’s not to keep fighting.)
That question is an important one:
what to do when you lose a war? 

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