Lots of folks have been leaving the Christian church for some time now; especially young people.
Why do you suppose?
I ask a lot of young people that question. They say a lot of things, but standing back, the recurring theme comes down to one thing. Their universe is changing and the Church’s universe is staying the same.
Five hundred years ago, the Western Church underwent one of its finest hours; the Reformation. It was fantastic! It captured people’s attention, resonated with their souls, and fostered 400 years of creativity, spirituality, and care for the world. On the strength of that seismic shift, we became a “Christian West.” Both Europe and North America became Christian continents.
It was great!
But that was 500 years ago…
In the last seventy years, a lot of things have changed.
In the next several posts, let’s talk about why our churches are getting older.
A hint: it has to do with some of these universe-changes going on.

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