Waiting for Sex . . . And Feeling Blue (part 2)

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Waiting is Hard. Waiting for Sex . . . Harder!

Timing sexual experience well is developmentally important. In earlier episodes we’ve explored how long it takes for important psychological and emotional processes to unfold, to form healthy sexual bonds.

But since young people come to sexual maturity in their early teens, and since few have undergone those processes by then…
Timing” is often a code word for “waiting.”

Bummer. How do we talk to our kids about that?

This is part 2 of 3.
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  1. Doug, I think this is a great message and I finally found someone who gets the core of what I try to teach to my sons. Particularly my oldest. I’m also a public speaker for for Interact and when I go to speak for universities or even small groups I often take my own old suitcase of journals dating back to 1990. I share my stories and let them read about my journey through silly dating and boy crazed confusion. All the way through bouts of promiscuity and then my desire for virtuous living. Immediately the children share their own stories and experiences. Transparency from the adult yields trust and the young person will more than likely open his or her heart to you with trust. I’m not a parent that preaches the traditional and I’m not allowing the “shame on you for dirty thoughts” in my house, however I want to continue guiding my son in a way that allows him to think through his own decisions. This was a great reminder as to how I can go forward with my way of training up the child. Bless you and I hope to visit your ministry soon.

    • thanks for the encouraging words, shenette. hope to put a face to the name soon.