Sexuality Interrupted: A Story

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There’s More to Sex Than the Orgasm

Sexuality is a life-long journey encompassing a profound depth of our humanity. Over a lifetime, eroticism comes and goes. Even romantic friendship waxes and wanes.

The ancient Greeks taught us an important stage on the sexual journey — that doesn’t look sexy at all. However, by ignoring it (as our culture has), we limit the full experience of the sexual journey.

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  1. Hi Doug.. yes, sex is more than orgasm. As you have beautifully pointed out that it’s a journey. And I particularly love idea you introduced to us that our sexuality encompasses more than our plumbing… it’s when we want to connect and express our being. My question is where does gender come into this conversation? Or this a completely different topic for you?

    • we’ll get to gender when we speak about how sexuality in our culture has been masculinized (not a good thing). it’s coming.

      thanks for the comment.
      and as always, it’s always good to see you in my inbox.
      california is a long way away.


  2. Doug –

    Something that your story reminded me of (how they had separate everything). Before my wife and I got married, we attended a day of relationship counseling. We were asked what the most stressful thing about getting married was (or would be). The other couples there (all but one, I remember) said that moving in together was going to be stressful because of all the unknowns. I remember talking with my wife (fiance at the time) afterwards and thinking that we had already been through all of that stuff that everyone else (with one exception) had been through. Our number one stressor was planning for the future and having a family. It goes back to the “don’t live together before you are married” thinking by (mostly) religious structures and families. We already knew all of the little stuff that each other did that pissed the other one off (for instance, it’s always a joke to say squeezing the toothpaste from the top instead of the bottom can piss someone off, but little things like that are true…and you won’t know until you live together).


    -How do we convince someone the struggle is worth it to get to agape (especially people that have been married multiple times and haven’t seen that yet)?

    • i don’t know we ever can convince people of the deeper things of the heart. but we can experience them ourselves — and then tell our stories to one another.