Sex for a Lifetime: Finishing Well

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seniors kissing 2In the last several episodes, I’ve been making the case that our sexuality thrusts us forward on a journey much more expansive than the singular experience of eroticism. When we don’t see the whole picture, we limit our sexuality — which costs us. It inevitably shortchanges the full experience our sexuality offers us.

Finishing well, then, demands a full understanding of the destination. Thus informed, it’s much easier to get there.

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  1. Doug,

    I’m enjoying the podcast, caught up now, and I’ve noticed something. I think you should take care to intentionally say “orgasm” rather than “ejaculation” in many places throughout. 1 – ejaculation is exclusively male, orgasm is universal; 2 – ejaculation in men can occur without orgasm and vice versa. Orgasm is the experience in the moment that we seek; that’s the reward system that reinforces the ejaculation that biology needs for reproduction. The flood of chemicals in the brain is coincident with orgasm even when ejaculation doesn’t occur.

    • but “ejaculation” is such an attention-grabber!
      point taken.

  2. Doug –

    I like the quote, “In the last stage we have become what in the earlier stages we only felt.” When you speak about how you read the book and you couldn’t comprehend it totally when you were young, I have/had the same experience with the song, “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam. When I was 16 that song was really powerful for me and elicited emotion I hadn’t felt before, but it wasn’t until I met my wife (and now my children) that it truly makes sense the emotion that the song speaks of.