Religion and Sex: We’re in a Pickle

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Christian Sex: Doubling Down on a Bad Hand

Back in the 1960s, the sexual revolution presented an opportunity to Christians. It invited us to rethink the “dirty sex” instincts we picked up back in the second century.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, church folk doubled down on a bad hand.

Now, fifty years later, we don’t have much moral authority to speak about the subject.

If we’re going to get out this pickle, we’ll have to…
1. revisit where we went wrong,
2. recover our ancient wisdom,
3. make our case without resorting to religious language.

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  1. It’s always interesting to me how often (now that I know about it) the “third way” comes into play in varying situations. when you spoke about one side shielding too much and the other not shielding enough, it made me immediately think of it. and how each side has wisdom but neither wants to hear what the other has to say is especially relevant during the period in history that we are living right now, not just specific to the sex topic. the more books I read the more I also see the phrase “the other” being used too, and not just in recent books. it seems that people have been trying to slap us in the face to get us to listen for a while now, but alas, what the hell do they know?!?