Part 3: Getting Practical About Sex-Ed

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Getting Ready for Sex Talks with Our Young People

Two things…
First, people screw up their lives with sex all the time. It’s such a deep part of our lives, when we create pain there, it goes deeply!

Second, we love our kids more than life itself. And if trends continue, they’ll be jumping right in line for the pain of sexual screw-ups…
Unless we do better with sex education.

We’re under the illusion that if we can convince them to use condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs, we’ve prepared them. We haven’t. Sex is much deeper than hooking up the plumbing. It touches the deepest parts of our hearts.

Welcome to this introduction to part 3 of this project — getting practical.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for talking about the pendulum of history! This is such an important thing that happens that I wished more people could hear it. The sexual revolution of the 60s/70s seemed like a fantastic thing when it was happening, but now that we look back and see what it created, it may not have been the best reaction to the hard-line rules before that time. The same could be said about so many others things, too (helicopter parenting, buy all the biggest and best things, etc.). I find history to be the most fascinating topic to study, because no matter how much things change, they seemingly always stay the same. People tend to overreact to things and make the pendulum swing the other way because, well, it’s the human thing to do.