A Slow Hand, An Easy Touch (2 of 3)

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When Religion Gets Sexuality Right…

We have a lot to offer. Our ancient sexual wisdom speaks to a healthy and helpful pacing for sexual relationships.

In these three episodes, we look at the research of zoologist and anthropologist, Desmond Morris. He has studied the psychological and emotional processes necessary to form stable sexual bonds.

Which, it turns out, take some time.

This is part 2 of 3.
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  1. Lots of wisdom in this. I like it.

    The church teaching of no sex before marriage has this kind of wisdom, and some youngsters have picked up with it and zealously followed it which is good. For a lot of folk it caused rebellion. They say this as the usual strict rules of an outdated church morality. This was a tragedy. I think where the church failed was to come up with some kind of explanation (like you are doing here) that would help to understand the wisdom to the “rule”. That rebellion against rules that seemed harsh and out of time also caused many to reject marriage committment, though I think that will change and swing back again. I think gay marriage might encourage that too as so many gay folk want to be in a committed, legally recognised bond, though for the gay community promiscuity has had a long innings and done much damage, just as it will damage heterosexual bonds.