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Traditional Christianity is struggling.

We don’t have to die…
but we do have to change.

The Enlightenment is over. The quantum era is here. This changes everything:  how we live, how we shape society, and especially how we do religion.

We Christians tend to resist change, and many have been tenaciously clinging to the way things used to be.

But history is setting a choice before us. Change . . . or die.

We’re opting for change.
Join the discussion.

The Book

PrintCan we still be Christian in the Quantum Era? That’s the subtitle of the book.

We can. But we can’t be Enlightenment Christians.

Some time ago, we hammered out a way to tell the Christian story that fit the Enlightenment mind. However, fewer and fewer think that way anymore, making it tough to stay Christian. The change required of us is daunting. We have to rethink our most fundamental assumptions
– about God
– about our own human nature
– about Jesus
– about the whole story.

In the book, I walk step-by-step through the challenge of hammering out a Christian narrative for the quantum era. Have a read!

The Conversation

coachingI coach young leaders. I have been for years. It is a passion of my life to help young people thrive in their personal spiritual journeys and in their capacity to influence others.  If you are building the Christian church for the quantum era, let’s talk.

speakingMy first speaking commitment is to NRCC, but as I do more writing and coaching, I am asked more often to do outside speaking. I can’t take all the requests, but do take several each year. Check availability.

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