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I love the community I serve and it is here that I speak most weekends.  However, some years ago, our church council nudged me to make writing and coaching young ministers a part of my job. As that has been unfolding, I’ve been asked to speak outside NRCC more frequently.  If you’d like to talk about a speaking engagement, click below.

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mike morrell

Doug seamlessly integrates our ancient faith with the best of contemporary thinking. He speaks warmly and insightfully on pressing matters people really face. He gives fresh, workable perspectives that our sometimes out-of-step religious paradigms don’t address. He also makes higher-order ‘quantum’ spirituality clear and accessible.
Mike Morrell (co-founder The Buzz-Feed Seminar)


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Jaimie:  mom and spiritual doubterDoug’s speaking is warm, personable, and fearless.

He is both insightful, and able to make complex ideas clear and understandable.

In a real way he helped me feel at home with my faith again.

– Jaimie L.  (mom, spiritual doubter)

Speaking Topics


Understanding This Historical Moment

Historical upheaval is often initiated by science, but technology plays a part too. The Enlightenment was sparked by the scientists, but the printing press spread the new ideas. The same kind of convergence is happening in our time. We have a new universe, but we also have the internet to talk about how profoundly it is shaping our lives.

We Christians aren’t handling this transition very well.  We’ve got a death grip on the way we used to tell our story, even though it seems less and less pertinent with each passing decade.

If your group is interested in how we follow Jesus in our newly emerging world, let’s talk.



Recovering Contemplative Spirituality

In the attic of the Christian faith is a treasure trove of spiritual practice that is particularly relevant in this newly emerging world. Our contemplatives and mystics charted paths of spiritual experience that really make sense in this new era.

Christians meditate!  They don’t become Buddhists–and they don’t go to hell!  Who knew?

Contemplative Christian spirituality has deeply transformed my own life. I’ve found that it also makes sense to my “spiritual-but-anti-organized-religion” friends. If your group is curious about contemplative spirituality, let’s talk.

Recovering Communal Spirituality

It is a truism that we experience the Divine better together than we do alone. Nevertheless, as Americans, our rugged-individualist instincts really get in the way.  Attempting to move close to one another, our atrophied relational skills make true spiritual community tough to achieve.

I have been intentionally leading people into spiritual community for a long time.  It hasn’t been easy, given the American mystique of independence. There is tremendous growth ahead of us in regards to trusting, trustworthy, healthy and open spiritual friendships. It is an important theme,  and if your group would like to discuss it, let’s talk.

Rethinking How We Tell the Christian Story

When Western society went through its last seismic worldview shift the church responded with The Reformation. Today, we accept that update to our story as a given. However, had we lived through those wrenching years, we would appreciate how difficult times of upheaval are (they were killing each other, for goodness sake!).

I did a year-long project with our community some time ago, reconsidering how we tell our Christian story. That project became the book. If your group would like to explore how we think about God, about ourselves, about what it means to be Christian, let’s talk.

Potter's ClayRenewing the Practices of Spiritual Formation

Spiritual leaders from all generations and traditions tell us that right thinking leads to right practice, and right practices lead to healthy living.

The main point of any religious tradition is the formation of spirituality, character, morality, and ethics into the hearts of its adherents.  (You may have noticed, this has been no small problem for Christians of late.) As our Christian narrative is going through a seismic update, the practices of spiritual formation, character transformation, and inner growth need an update as well. If your group is thinking about updating our spiritual practices, let’s talk.