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Before transitioning to podcast, I did several blog series. Here are a few blog series to check out…


A General Introduction to the Blog
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handsTrade Your God in for a New One

If we take the Christian faith seriously, all of us are agnostics. We cannot know God, for the very idea is too large for us to contain. Consequently, there is wiggle room in the ways we frame God in our minds. Since some of the ways we often imagine God create huge problems, it’s high time we did!  Click HERE>>>

for-whom-the-bell-tollsGripped by Mortality

I sat at a stoplight and watched a very long funeral procession go by. It started a season of thinking about my own death. Turns out that there are great spiritual riches to be had in keeping our own mortality in our consciousness awareness. The ancient Greeks taught it. The Buddhists teach it. Jesus taught it. Have a read!  Click HERE>>>

Working with Oneness

connectedTo be Christian in the Quantum Era, we have to understand the connectedness of everything. We live in a Oneness reality, not a Two-ness one. And this has implications. It changes how we think about…
– Resolving Conflict with One Another
– The Nature of God
– Combatting Human Trafficking
– Little Girls with Crones Disease
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soil and plant

God as Dirt

If we think of God as “The Ground of All Being” instead of “Our Father Who Art in Heaven,” is there any way in which we can still pray for one another?  Most don’t. In this series of posts, I suggest we still can.  Click HERE>>>

What To Do When You Lose A War
Some years ago (and every time an election comes up), there is a lot of talk among some Christians about “culture wars.” In this series of posts, we concede. The culture wars are over. Christians lost.  Now what?  Click HERE>>>

Url address

How the Internet Changes Religion

The internet is doing more than giving us access to a whole bunch of information.  It is changing the way we think of knowledge itself. This major shift in how we know what we know can’t help but change our approach to religion.  Click HERE>>>.


SmallChurchND2Why Your Church Is Getting Smaller and Older

It’s true for most churches. Why is that? If we can answer that question, we may able tho think about how we might be Christian in the Quantum Era.  Click HERE>>>