God as Dirt

God as Dirt (1)

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The impulse to speak authoritatively about the nature of God is powerful. We have a strong need to “be in the know.” But as we’ve said before, that mindset… doesn’t take into account an ancient and venerated doctrine: the Ineffability of God.  it’s not very helpful as we navigate the tumult we’re going through as a society; as Christians. Western civilization is in the throes of another Renaissance; a New Enlightenment. We are up to our ears in new thought; new science and technology; new communication systems; new trade possibilities; neweconomic systems. It is a rebirth that rivals...

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God as Dirt (2)

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When we limit ourselves to only one way of thinking of God, it is usually as a “being;” a supreme being to be sure, but a human-like being. As we’ve seen, these efforts to fit God into our heads end up limiting our spiritual experience. When we reduce God to being person-like, we limit our quest for God to person-kinds of thoughts. We pray to a “person,” we ask why our person-like God doesn’t act like a good person should, and so forth. But if we think of God in other images; images like “song,” or “wind,” or “fire,” or...

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God as Dirt (3)

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Take a quick read of Psalm 139 HERE. If your god is limited to a human-like image, and in particular, if you share the commonly held instinct about god that he is a he, and that he’s just a little bit miffed at how badly human beings behave… then wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to read this ancient poem this way (as many do): Dear Supreme Being in heaven: I know that you dig through my thoughts; dig through my private life. I know that you know everything that is going on. When I’m thinking the nasty thoughts I think, You’re sitting up there watching it all on your celestial monitor....

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God as Dirt (4)

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I need to mitigate what I said in the last post somewhat. I made the idea of God-as-Powerful-Being seem a pretty toxic notion. I interpreted Psalm 139 in the most unflattering light, making God out to be a threatening, celestial, Big Brother, harshly monitoring and assessing our every move. But as we’ve said before, while God cannot be contained in any image we can conjure, nevertheless, many different images do awaken us to different dimensions of spiritual experience. When our God is All-Powerful-Being, as we saw, it can lead to some toxic spiritual experiences. However, it can also awaken...

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God as Dirt (5)

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When we imagine God as the soil in which everything that exists is rooted, it awakens very different spiritual sensibilities. When we imagine God as the rich substrate of Divine Love, we begin to think of everything; every man, every woman, every antelope and tree and single-cell bacteria, as rooted in the Divine. We all hunger for healthy souls. A Soil image of God helps us approach our spiritual quest differently. We see the fruit of Divine Life always and already coursing through us. Of course it is. We derive our very being from the Ground of Divine Presence. We no longer plead for...

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God as Dirt (6)

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In these posts, we’re comparing and contrasting two different ways of thinking about God; the “guy-in-the-sky”  image of God, and the “Ground-of-All-Being” one. Our starting point was Ps. 139. It is an ancient spiritual poem that hits on a word theologians often bandy about; “omni.” It means “all-or-everything-ness.” The poem imagines a God who is omnipotent; omniscient; and omnipresent; all powerful, all-knowing, and present everywhere. We saw in that post, that when we think of an “omni” God in human-like terms, he (and he’s usually a “he”) comes...

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