Quantum Christianity?

emc2In the podcast and book, you’ll run across the strange term “Quantum Christian” from time to time. The two words don’t seem to belong together. The word “quantum” speaks of science while the word “Christian,” often speaks of closed-minded resistance to science. So what’s up?

During our lifetimes, Western civilization is radically updating how it thinks about Reality. It’s the quantum physicists’ fault. We were tooling along, comfortably thinking that two things were really two things. They came along and started telling us that two things were in fact, one thing (e.g. matter and energy).


We were comfortable and cocksure, thinking that if something was true, it was really true — always and everywhere. But it turns out that my clock ticking away over here, and yours on a spaceship over there, are both correct—but both different. It turns out that a particle can be two places at once—that two particles separated by light years, are actually connected (entangled).

This is crazy, wordview-changing stuff!

Most of us don’t understand the science behind the great upheaval, but we’re getting the general idea that the world we live in is different than we thought. Reality is not as solid or absolute as we thought. Truth is not as certain or fixed. Paradox and contradiction are more baked into the system than we imagined.

This is causing some trouble for Christians. The way we’ve been telling our story for a long time has been pretty fixed, static, and immovable. We spoke our truths with certitude (and a hint of arrogance). Young kids today (the “millennials” we call them) hear us telling our story, but before they get the details, they realize we live in a different universe than they do. (Have you noticed them walking away?)

The whole Western world is scrambling to figure out how to live in this new universe. It’s causing us to rethink how we do politics, economics, society. But the most demanding area we must rethink… is our religion.

This is a historical moment for rethinking . . . rethinking self, rethinking society,
and especially, rethinking religion.

It is some comfort that this has happened before. Five hundred years ago Newton, Galileo, and the Enlightenment scientists upended the Medieval view of reality. Then too, society had to scramble to update for the new reality. In the process, we replaced kings with democracies, feudalism with capitalism, and the Christianity of the Dark Ages gave way to the Reformation.

In our own time, the fixed-truth systems we hammered out 500 years ago have started to feel shaky under our feet. Capitalism, socialism, and democracy are showing wear and tear. The same is true of the version of Christianity given us by the Reformers five hundred years ago.

This website and the book are an invitation to take a religious journey together, to move into territory with no road maps. We don’t know what the new, “quantum” Reformation will look like. All we know is that it is upon us.

I hope you’ll join in the discussion.
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Doug Hammack